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Happy Birthday, HTC VIVE! Here’s our favourite 10 VR experiences to celebrate!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary since the HTC VIVE reached the much-anticipating grabby hands of the consumer (we were one of them, and even stood outside for the delivery person), and to celebrate, there’s a Steam sale through this weekend, and we figured to share our top 10 (5 from myself, and 5 from Megasteakman) favourite VR experiences to date.  These picks are in no order at all, it was already tough enough to pick only 5!

M. Lovecraft’s Top 5 Picks

Accounting VR for whatever strange reason it may be… Is still my favourite VR experience to date. Perhaps I am so engaged in the world that Justin Roiland throws his Rick and Morty viewers into, I felt like Accounting VR was the first time that made me realize the narrative potential of virtual reality: the strange, the unknown, the surreal. The voice acting is on point as we can always expect from Roiland, and I’m looking forward to what else Crows Crows Crows and Squanchtendo have in store for VR.

Holopoint is by far, one of the most active games for virtual reality, and with that said: I completely suck at it. Even though I’m terrible, I still really enjoy the challenge of keeping up, and it makes a great cardio work out if you can make it far! I can’t wait for wireless VR headsets because it’s natural for first time users to tangle and coil the cord.

Audioshield is another great light cardio game that allows you to use music from your PC’s library, or YouTube (albeit it takes some processing time) and will generate a level where you punch red and blue (sometimes purple) balls flying towards your face. I once did Savant’s ‘Zion’ album in full on hard mode. I don’t recommend doing this to yourself.

Smash Party VR gives me the nostalgia factor I never thought I would get in virtual reality.  One of my favourite shows when growing up in the 90s was MTV’s Downtown, and Goat makes a little cameo as one of the watcher’s of the cage arena. It’s a simple game and there’s not a lot to it, but I found it enjoyable, and it’s awesome seeing other people such as Chris Prynoski creating for VR.

VR The Diner Duo is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, which is something I want to see a lot more of, and PSVR kills with it.  The person in the headset is a cook, putting together burgers with different ingredients, and another player has a game controller, and is a waiter, yelling out the orders. Or just saying it normally… I’m just a yeller. Insanity ensues! A lot of fun.

Megasteakman’s Top 5 Picks

Vanishing Realms
This experience was so spellbinding and mind blowing that I kept having to take breaks to ground myself before adventuring onward in what felt like a first person Zelda game. I had never before felt so immersed in a virtual world, and can’t wait to journey back for chapter 3!

Battle Dome
While it unfortunately doesn’t have the player base it used to, I use to love hopping into this game every weekend for really tense and strategic firefights. Squatting behind cover was a great workout that left me sore for days.

Google Earth
I nearly cried after the introduction. The scope of this app was beyond what I thought was possible, and seeing my parents visit the places they grew up entirely from memory really made me feel a strange sort of transcendance from being a meer human meat puppet.

Social interactions in VR are absolutely insane. Positional audio coming from characters of all shapes and sizes in a shared virtual space is a game changer, and something that I think will become much more common place as adoption rates go up. VR Chat does it right!

Quanero VR
As a filmmaker, this one got me really excited about virtual reality storytelling. Being able to rewind time to get a different vantage point made me feel like a director lining up the perfect shot, and definitely showcases a brilliant way for audiences to become participants in a linear narrative.

A lot of our top choices are FREE, or are on sale for the Steam VR Anniversary sale this weekend so be sure to nab any titles you’re thinking about getting!

What are your favourite VR experiences to date?  What do you hope to see on the HTC VIVE in the year 2017?