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Quick, Draw! by Google – Thoughts and Review

Do you want to teach robots?

(I know I do.)


Well, now you can with Quick, Draw! a small web app by Google Creative Lab and Data Arts Team. You can use your PC or mobile device to contribute to teaching an AI neural network how to identify doodles.

The first time I tried was on my iPhone, check out the results:


I was pretty fascinated that some of my less-than-artistic interpretations were guessed in a matter of seconds, all from my uncontrolled fingertip on my (relatively small) mobile device screen. However, I was not impressed that my fish wasn’t considered a ‘fish’! I drew bubbles! And fins! In either case, that drawing will end up in the archives so that perhaps if someone else draws a fish similar to me, that person’s fish will be recognized.

Curious to see if there was a difference between the mobile interface and a desktop interface (there’s not much), I went for a second go.

This time, all my drawings were guessed correctly.

Taking a look at the data that the guessing is based on is really interesting as well – the analysis shows other drawings that your doodle could be:


There’s also a small sample gallery of other people’s drawings. (Let’s thank the people who can’t draw skulls, as I definitely needed their data to have mine guessed right!):


All in all, if you’re bored on transit, need a break from holiday shopping, or are just too curious to see if the robots are smart enough to guess your drawing, have a look at Quick, Draw!. It’s free and fast and won’t take you more than 3-5 minutes of your time.

Official Quick, Draw! Link: https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/ (works with mobile and desktop)