Recommended Experiences

I wanted to build a reference page for not only myself, but others in sharing/introducing virtual reality to others. I’ve demoed VR for dozens of people by now and have learned a lot from how different people with different interests react.

Note: Most of these experiences are based on room-scale VR on the HTC VIVE and Steam.

The (VR) Beginner’s Guide

Forget everything you know. Virtual reality allows you to enter the impossible, and presents a sense of scale. How small can you get? How big can you be? It’s the unknown, and existing anxieties in reality can carry over into the virtual world, so my goal is usually to start small, and not to overwhelm.

VR beginners with no previous gaming interests

VR beginners with gaming interests

From beginner to intermediate

Once a VR beginner is able to understand the controllers, can handle the sense of presence/scale, as well as safely playing within the playbounds – they’re ready for more, don’t you think?

Active experiences

Educational experiences

Specialty interests (acquired tastes)

People who like shooting things

Multiple player experiences

It’s interesting what you can do with multiplayer because of the constraints of isolation with local co-op, but also personal coundaries in full immersive online multiplayer games.

Local co-op experiences

Not a lot of local multiplayer experiences are available, but the idea of social games and using the headset to pass around is a fun party experience.

Online VR Multiplayer