(In alphabetical order)

Casey White is a freelance writer, and web designer. You or may or may not have seen us running around together covering gaming conventions such as PAX Prime. He is the current editor for Shogun Gamer:

Chuck Bergeron is a designer and developer, recently launching ‘Astervoid 2000‘. He is apparently working on a secret VR project. You can see more of his work here:

Emerald Activities introduced me to virtual reality. They are working on a VR title ‘Mutato Match‘ which you can follow progress on the dev blog. More on their official website:

Felicity Gracie-Herst is my lifelong best friend. In addition to being all kinds of amazing in my personal life, her background spans coding, product management and games production. Currently exploring new VR frontiers as Development Manager at nDreams. She’s not really on the Internet but if you try hard enough, you can find a little bit somewhere.

Guy Judge works with Emerald Activities and is a variety streamer on Twitch, sometimes streaming VR experiences as well. Check out his Twitch channel and you can follow his activity on Twitter:

John Burton is the best space doctor I know. (Literally.)  He writes articles on Gamer Giving, and is a part of the Gamer Giving Twitch streaming team as ‘Doctor Giving‘ for charity.

Johnny Millenium runs the Happy Console Gamer show on YouTube. (Fun fact: Kial and I were the first to introduce him to VR!) Check out his thoughts on game news and reviews on his YouTube channel:

Kial Natale is my partner and together we created a small, compact experience called Outside the Box with my brother. He’s a very talented and knowledgeable VFX artist and runs Megasteakman on YouTube and you can see some of his shorts featuring the Microsoft Hololens here:

Ray Hsu is the Immersive Technology Lab and Chair of the Virtual and Augmented Reality Working Group at UBC. Follow his work for more:

Other Cool People I Wish Would Be My Friend

Blair Erickson
Brian (and Natalie) Kibler
Charlie Brooker

Crows Crows Crows
Mirjana Prpa
Punches Bears