So what am I reading here exactly?

VRMY of DARKNESS is supposed to be a space where I discuss thoughts on virtual reality and technology. I’ll also be reviewing VR experiences on the HTC Vive, PSVR and Samsung Gear VR. I would love to make this blog appeal to a general audience rather than just solely fellow VR/AR/MR/xR Evangelists/Enthusiasts/Whathaveyou.  Let’s see if it turns out that way – I want this blog to make this amazing world accessible and non-intimidating for those who are new to the technology.

(And if you get the reference of the blog name pun thing, I hope we can be friends.)


M. Lovecraft and Megasteakman = A VR powerhouse

My partner Kial (aka Megasteakman, maybe you know him?) will also be doing blog posts on our progress with learning Unity and VR/game development. You can check out some of the projects we’ve designed, programmed and created together from our Downloads section.

Together our team has been featured on UploadVR, the Nerdist, Geek and Sundry, Gizmodo Japan, and has receieved favourable reviews by VR YouTubers.

And who are you?

Behind VRMY of DARKNESS, I’m Melissa – I go by Cthulhu and M. Lovecraft sometimes. (Except for on this blog, I’ll go by M. Lovecraft all the time.) I hail from the Canadian west coast in Vancouver, British Columbia. By day I work with computers and have an acute interest in knowledge base building. By night, I am a photographer. Basically, I am the worst superhero Earth has to offer.

The author with a Samsung Gear and DL-44. Hi.

The author with a Samsung Gear and DL-44. Oh hi.

I reluctantly tried virtual reality for the first time in December of 2015 and I was hooked and amazed at how far the technology has come in my lifetime. As someone who grew up with the emergence of social technology and video games, VR is completely and utterly in my realms of interests.

In 2016, I started to learn how to use Unity without any prior knowledge of coding (outside of basic HTML/CSS and my college education with Python and C++). In the summer, I worked with Kial and my brother to release a small VR demo.

What virtual reality things will you be focusing on?

I currently have access to an HTC Vive (which I love), a Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard apps with a ViewMaster VR, and a Hololens. Sort of.  As of February 2017, I also have invested in a PlayStation 4 Pro, along with the obvious: PSVR.

I am a virtual reality designer, meaning I design experiences (and games) that are utilizing the virtual reality extension of space through available technology. (In other words, I aim to make experiences solely for VR in mind rather than porting something into VR frivolously.) I am focusing on accessibility, fiction, and the abstract.

Do you do press reviews?

VRMY of DARKNESS accepts products sent for review from both small and large developments and public relations representatives. However, I only accept products I am genuinely interested in, in hopes of lessening negative reviews. Receipt of a product does not guarantee a positive review. Reviews are done based on honest assessments of the products and content is not pre-approved by PR representatives or brands.

Products that were sent to me for review, or have been offered at a discount, will have a clear indicator at the end of the post that reads: “Full disclosure: This press key was provided for an unbiased review.”

Outside of virtual reality, what else are you into?

I’m really into alternative games and the unconventional. I also care deeply about bullying (both online and offline), digital sociology/ethics/responsibilities, and effective communication. Sometimes photography is fun. I dig cruelty-free cosmetics, chaos magick, my food processor, syntax highlighting. I have a StarCraft tattoo because that’s how much I like StarCraft. I enjoy whispering the word ‘aesthetic’. I cosplay as Slytherin.

Where else are you on the Internets?

I’m on Twitter. Also Instagram. If that’s not enough, you can email me with inquiries, puppy photos, baby sloths, relationship advice questions, pretty much anything over to: (this blog name, all in one word) at gmail dat com.