Accounting VR by Crows Crows Crows and Squanchtendo – Experience and Game Review

I’m a fan of Ricky and Morty and I’m also a fan of weird friendships forged through chance so with that said, I figured Accounting by Crows Crows Crows and Squanchtendo (new VR studio from Justin Roiland) would be something I would look forward to.

… That feeling couldn’t be more right.


So, what’s Accounting all about?

You’re an obedient office worker who gets instructed into doing tasks that aren’t your usual TP report. You may or may not get somehow roped into uncomfortable scenarios that involve meeting the King of VR, stomach acid, and tiny lawyers… That escalated quickly.

On the Accounting VR website, it describes this application as a “game”.

I’m always reluctant to calling virtual reality experiences as ‘games’ because I feel like it would involve some form of problem solving or activity, but the thing with these experiences (and the same goes for Accounting VR) is that you are actually living it… So in that sense, maybe life is just a game… Just maybe. There’s some minor problem solving in Accounting VR, but it’s no more challenging than finding where the bagels are in a CostCo. (Sorry that was the best example I could come up with…)

Regardless, Accounting VR throws you into an intense world – the strange limbo that bridges the gap between Office Space and well, literally Hell. It all seems reminiscent of the same humour that Rick and Morty fans are used to. (And as a warning, if you aren’t used to it, it’s probably best to watch the show as a pre-requisite as the presence of some of these characters can be overbearing to the unfamiliar.)

Think you can handle it?  Take a look at the trailer for yourself. I personally couldn’t stop watching it – perhaps this says too much about me as a person but my immediate thought was, “finally – someone is using virtual reality for the things I want!”… Yup. That’s what I said.  Take a look for yourself:

The Verdict

Did I play Accounting VR, or did Accounting VR play me?

This game might be an experience without major objectives, or mechanics, but I found this to be enjoyable – It’s one of my favourite virtual reality experiences to date: it’s whimsical, chaotic, and unique. I’ve never seen anything like it, or been a part of anything like it for that matter.

Definitely an intermediate experience, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go into Accounting VR as their first VR experience as the characters you meet are quite intense.

Also if you ever wanted to see which of your friends you’d want to hang with you on a deserted island, maybe this would be a show of what exactly their moral compass is.



Recommended play time: Approximately 20 minutes.

Take. Your. Time.

I’ve seen several folks go into this experience, really enjoying it but perhaps because we are using it holding down buttons on our controllers, we aren’t really listening to the characters. The script and dialogue in Accounting VR is absolutely hilarious. Some dialogue doesn’t happen at all if you move too quickly, and I would urge everyone to not miss out.

If you hate Rick and Morty, you might not appreciate the humour in Accounting VR, but on the other hand, I would probably still put someone who doesn’t like Rick and Morty humour in the Accounting VR world because it would be funny to me.

Accounting on Steam:

Official Accounting VR website:
Crows Crows Crows:

Photos courtesy of Crows Crows Crows’ press kit

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